An Awkward Introduction

Whether you’re a prospective client or an old friend casually stalking me, you’ve somehow made your way to my website and clicked “Blog” to learn more about me. So let me breakdown my whole entire life in a few paragraphs for you…

           I was created by a goofy Jewish doctor and a beautiful Japanese business woman. My legal name is Margaret, but the only time I get called that is at the airport. I stopped napping at 5 months and my parents called me “the energizer bunny” of the family. I loved to run around my house in my birthday suit, screaming “Homeless baby, homeless baby!”, and I was an expert fake crier. My older sisters can attest to that.



I'm still a messy eater.

             All of elementary school, I stood out as that Asian girl in a sea of Jewish kids during Hanukkah recitals and Passover Seders. I grew up always having matzah and rye bread in the kitchen, but eating homemade sushi every Thanksgiving. Sometimes I was bullied for my almond shaped eyes, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Pictured below is me carrying my Sukkah display for the Jewish holiday Sukkot. 


I grew out of that awkward smile.

            In high school, I went through an identity crisis because I wasn’t a math and science wizard like the nerds at my school. I pretended to like those subjects, but using a calculator made me cry and dissecting those frogs and cats made my stomach turn. I decided to give up any dream of being a gold-collar worker. I graduated in a class of 105 kids, and packed my bags to join a university of 27,000 undergrads.


Blocking out the haters 😎.

             After almost 4 years at the University of Oregon I have found my place in the Journalism School. While I’m not quite sure what exactly I’ll be doing with my degree in advertising, I know my passion for photography and interests in branding will take me to where I’m supposed to end up. While I am sad to graduate, I’m confident in the work I can produce and the connections I can make along the way. If you want to follow my journey, feel free to stick around! I don’t bite. 


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